Ola Mirecka grew up in Warsaw, Poland. She studied Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw where she was a member of the PG13 platform (led by Tomek Rygalik) - responding to experimental design briefs, exhibiting, organizing and taking part in design workshops and competitions as well as industry supported projects.
Ola participated in a two-year artist in residence called: Rooted Design for Routed Living. Alternative Design Strategies. This programme was based on exchanges between Polish and Norwegian designers and artists.
After completing her studies in Poland she moved to London to study at the Royal College of Art. Ola took her masters degree in Design Products under Daniel Charny and Roberto Feo graduating in 2012.
Ola’s work often explores the idea of drawing, through three-dimensional language, narrative, performance, and moving image.
Her work has been awarded and exhibited internationally, as well as featured in numerous publications.
She is currently working as a designer at Lego in Denmark.


SPINDERIGADE 24 | 7100 VEJLE | Denmark

Artist's Statement

I am interested in how space, objects and storytelling can influence social interaction and add playfulness to everyday life’s routines and activities. As illustrations are visual commentaries, and photographs are furtive observations, can objects tell stories in the same way?

My work explores the idea of drawing through three-dimensional language, narrative, performance, and moving image.
My process involves manipulating objects in a three dimensional space. My inspiration comes from observing people in everyday situations, making, drawing and interacting with them. I believe just as props act as visual cues on the theatre stage, objects in reality give a similar opportunity for storytelling.

I explore the language and aesthetics of imperfections and naïveté in the spirit of improvisation, informed by my interest in the utopian frustration of existing on the threshold of an aspirational yet unachievable perfection. I use contrasting techniques and subject matters to achieve the desired results in reflecting this duality.
My work aims to inspire peoples' creative thinking, daydreaming, trigger their childhood memories and joy and allow playfulness in places where it has been forgotten.

I invite the viewer to my world where they can participate and become a part of the poetry of the objects through which I try to capture beautiful moments.
I see my work fitting in the world of emerging importance of play that can be used as a tool, a way of bringing people together, making tedious everyday tasks more exciting and fun. In the era of self-curating and building your image, surrounding yourself with meaningful objects and communicating through them through the self journalism of social media, the way I use play is as a constant encouragement for spontaneous creativity.


Ola Mirecka urodziła się w Warszawie. Ukończyła Wydział Wzornictwa na Warszawskiej ASP gdzie była członkiem PG13 - grupy studentów pod przewodnictwem Tomka Rygalika. Po ukończeniu nauki w Polsce rozpoczęła studia w Royal College of Art w Londynie gdzie w 2012 roku obroniła dyplom magisterski na wydziale Design Products. Po ukończeniu studiów i rocznego kontraktu w Royal College of Art Student Union Ola przeprowadziła się do Danii gdzie od 3 lat projektuje dla LEGO i równocześnie rozwija własne studio. Projekty Oli były pokazywane na wielu wystawach w Polsce i za granicą.

Prace Oli eksplorują idee rysunku, wykorzystują język ilustracji w budowaniu trójwymiarowych obiektów, opowiadaniu ich historii i tworzeniu fantastycznego świata. Powodem tych poszukiwań jest zwrócenie uwagi na kontekst, w którym istnieją obiekty jakie projektujemy i komentowanie współczesnej rzeczywistości.