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“How do creative ideas spark in our minds? Do they just come “out of the blue”?‘

Out of The Blue’ seeks to explore the source of creative inspiration - the nine Muses from Ancient Greek mythology. Created by IGLO project - the exhibition forms a collaboration between two Aarhus-based Polish designers, Ola Mirecka and Iga Górniak.The exhibition design builds on iconic Ancient Greek traditions, forms and structures, giving them a modernfuturistic twist in tactile and unconventional materials.

“As children, we explore the world through imagining, creating and experimenting. As adults, there’s no need to stop this boundaryless approach to creative thinking.” The ultimate aim for ‘Out of The Blue’ is to challenge our perception that inspiration is beyond our control, taking the gallery’s visitors on an inspirational journey behind the artworks and sparking their own child-like creativity through imaginative expression.