#eye #eye

S ensitive dog is an interactive sculpture. Just like a real dog it reacts to human touch.
Motion is a source of information and technology allows us to imitate natural behavior.
I am interested in the way we read motion in objects we interact with and how it can impact the future of design.

I designed the the electronics and embedded them inside the laser cut body of the dog split into two parts: the sensor part and the mechanical part. Both parts are connected with magnets which allows you to take them apart and reprogram.

The front panel of the dog contains a capacitive sensor that sends information to the motor. The speed of the motor increases when your hand is close so when you stroke the dog it wags its tail. Just like a real dog.

Video by Ola Mirecka and Rasmus Laurvig
Music ‘Puppy’ by Podington Bear

Special thanks to Bas Withagen